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Management team from a BAT, tencent, such as huawei, zte, 360, baidu, letv well-known high-tech enterprises, and advocating equality and happy culture, we warmly welcome professional, senior, has the enterprising spirit of open Members to join our team, and to provide the level of competitive salary and broad space for rise, equity incentive for the backbone of the excellent distribution, we are looking forward to your joining.

TD Technology
  • Responsibility
    Responsible for system architecture design, system analysis, participate in the development of core function; Responsible for technical research, technical pre-research, make technical proposal, to guide development
    Java Architect
  • Responsibility
    Lead the android development team, responsible for android APP development
    Android Development Manager
  • Responsibility
    Lead the Java development team, responsible for the mobile Internet business platform, and the development of e-commerce sites and operational support system
    Java Development Manager
  • Responsibility
    Lead the test team, responsible for mobile applications, e-commerce sites, business platform, operation support system of the test
    Test Engineer
MFG Productor
  • Responsibility
    Lead the production team, responsible for the mobile Internet product line strategy, roadmap, any product whole life cycle of planning, implementing, release management
    Senior Manager
  • Responsibility
    Responsible for the interaction of the mobile Internet products design, visual design, graphic design and user experience
    UI Engineer
  • Responsibility
    1、Bachelor degree or above, good English language, with overseas work experience or international companies overseas business cooperation, work experience is preferred;
    2、Have working experience in Internet advertising vendors or game, can adapt to the long travel overseas or local subsidiary station;
    3、Basic grasp of international laws and regulations, international convention, has the strong international business knowledge;
    4、Strong business analysis, negotiation, resource integration, project promotion ability;
    5、With strong cross-cultural exchanges and integration team management ability, resource integration, international business analysis and decision-making ability and new business new situation strain capacity;
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Smart Hardware Development Director
    1、Responsible for hardware team and the team construction of the project team, construction process;
    2、Responsible for key project schematic design, ID, PCB design guidelines, and key testing and debugging work;
    3、Responsible for key project schematic design, ID, PCB design guidelines, and key testing and debugging work;
    4、Is responsible for the determination technology solutions company, integrated part of the mobile phone supply chain, production, and related resources;
    5、Responsible for project planning with market department, and r&d department research and development direction of planning, organization of the pre assessment work;
    6、Road signs, index of intelligent equipment and is responsible for the overall results, has the strong ability of product management;
MKTG Sales Market
  • Overseas Sales Director
    1、Responsible for the intelligent hardware sales in overseas markets, overseas Internet content business cooperation
    2、In the local business association and the local agency, responsible for the company's operations in the local operating organization and establish the localization, set up a local business development strategy and implementation
    3、Recruiting team, and lead the team was responsible for the management of the region to achieve goals
  • Marketing Director
    1、head of the company's brand, the brand promotion involves the company's web site, APP, intelligent hardware and advertising media
    2、Host formulate and revise the marketing system supervisor's working procedures and rules and regulations, organization
    3、To participate in formulate the marketing strategy, according to the market and trade situation, execute company's new product market prices
    4、On a regular basis to the marketing environment, objectives, plans, business activities for verification analysis
    5、Help set up CXO to adjust its marketing organization, market segment to establish, expand, adjust the marketing network
OFC Functions
  • Senior Sales Assistant
    1、Assist executive manager and supervisor for all administrative affairs administrative affairs arrangement and part of the company
    2、CXO schedule tracking, business coordination between government departments
    3、Responsible for the company's staff dormitory management and asset management system related to the drafting and revision;
    4、Responsible for the company's office equipment, office environment maintenance and asset management and maintenance;
  • Recruiting Manager
    1、Responsible for recruitment channels development, maintenance, expansion, to ensure the recruitment channels can effectively meet the demand of choose and employ persons of the company;
    2、Independently talent resume screening, intentional communication, tracking, background investigation interview recruitment each link specific implementation work;
    3、According to the company's business plan, be responsible for the formulation and implementation of recruitment plans, make the plan of recruiting, complete the recruitment targets;
    4、Recruitment summary and statistical data, complete the recruitment analysis report, put forward optimize recruitment system and process rationalization proposal;
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