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ZED Technologies Co.,LTD

ZED Technology Co.,LTD (short for ZED) is invested by Fortune Fountain (Beijing)Group,focus on supplying 3D sources and application for intelligent device. Always more capable of becoming 3D solution platform and software & hardware supplier. The ZED headquarter is located in major city of South China ,Shenzhen ,which is north of Hongkong Special administrative Region. ZED mainly strives for building 3D market share globally .

Group Company:Fortune Fountain (Beijing) Holding Group Co.LTD

Fortune Fountain (Beijing) Holding Group Co.LTD was established in 2011. It is a holding management group which is mainly engaged in industrial and financial investment. Industrial investment mainly includes the areas of estate investment; pension industry and old-age care services; agriculture and forestry management; research, development and production of new energy and new materials; mobile mail tunnels and research and development for Beidou navigation positioning systems. As for economic trade, the financial investment incorporates four directions: investment management business, comprehensive information management, wealth management and asset management.

Company Vision

To Creat a comprehensive international platform of Video ,Entertainment,Game,Society;By means of global leading 3D technology and integrated of lastest internet sources.

The Company Mission

Experience enduser by 3D techology based on internet transmission

Leaders of Management

Executives mainly from BAT company, tencent, such as huawei, zte, 360, baidu, letv well-known high-tech enterprises, the successful experience in their respective fields have long-term industry: executives have many years of project operation in the field of Internet, Internet business and investment have high attainments; At the same time in overseas markets have long-term market its success experience, in 2 b, 2 c, foster the global business vision, familiar with the cross-culture team management means and methods; At the same time to form a high quality and strong combat capability, technical comprehensive research and development team, created a strong business platform operations team.

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